About me

Patricia Paddey

I have loved words—playing and wrestling with words in my head, on my tongue, on paper or screen—for as long as I can remember.

I love the sounds of words; I love stringing them together into sentences, and reading them aloud. I love reaching for and finding precisely the right words to communicate complicated or abstract notions clearly.

Words—and the ideas they represent—are the tools of my trade. Immersing myself in both, daily, is how I make my living. Immersing myself in words and ideas is also, often, how I choose to spend my free time. I hope that means I’m passionate (rather than boring). I believe it is my passion for words and ideas that keeps me striving for excellence when working with them.

But working with words is also what makes my spirit soar. And it’s what helps to connect me to my fellow human beings.

As author David Dark reminds us, the act of self-expression “isn’t just an essential practice of self-preservation, it also creates the possibility of neighborliness, a meaning-making exercise in the work of being a human being among human beings.”

I have had a long career working with broadcast and print, mainstream and niche media outlets. You can see all the details here.

Currently, I find helping clients – including publications like Faith Today, and organizations like Wycliffe CollegeSave the Mothers and World Vision Canada  convey their critical organizational messages to be a meaning-making exercise. A community cultivator. An act of neighbourliness. A joy.